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One new Bat-vehicle is the Night Crawler (or, simply, the Crawler), a four-legged vehicle designed to travel through tunnels and scale walls. It has a narrow cockpit, which Batman operates almost like a forklift driver, and four spider-like legs that can puncture through concrete allowing him to scale or break through walls. It also has weaponry, including flamethrowers for toasting Parademons (as we saw in concept art in the production war room). The overall vibe reminded me of those DARPA robot dogs , but big enough to carry a few people and with more insect-like legs.

The Crawler looks like a gigantic, mechanical spider with only four legs. It packs a flamethrower, which it will use on Parademons. It can climb walls and ceilings. It also heavily damages anything it climbs on by jamming its large steel legs into walls and buildings. A piece of concept art was labeled “tunnel fight,” which places the crawler on the other set we saw, the Ventilation Tower on Stryker’s Island .

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